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Sell your Pallets and Drums.
We will buy at an above-average rate! Sell your 48x40 pallets and 55-gallon open-head and tight-head clean steel drums.
In Stock: 44x44 Pallets, 56x44 Can Pallets, Euro Pallets
Get these pallets at a great price.
Chicago, South Suburbs, Northwest Indiana
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Alsip Pallet Company provides custom transport solutions for all your pallet delivery needs

Alsip Pallet Company provides high-quality reconditioned and remanufactured pallets plus reconditioned steel drums to accommodate your product and shipping needs.

Reconditioning and remanufacturing enforces our concern for the environment.

Since 1979, reliability, reputation, value and customer service have been our mission.

Servicing the Illinois and Indiana regions with our own trucks to ensure on-time delivery.

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Over 30 years of expertise will help get your products shipped on time and under budget

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