About Alsip Pallet

The Alsip Pallet Company started over 30 years ago in 1979. With over 3 decades of transportation and shipping expertise, our family owned business has the skill and
know-how to help get your products shipped per your specification.

All pallets made from wood meet the FOUR "R's" Criteria:
They are Reusable, Repairable, Recyclable, and they come from a Renewable resource.

Alsip Pallet's mission is to create a loyal customer base built on our reliability, service, expertise, and quality of products delivered. We accomplish these by adapting quickly to our customer's needs. With decades worth of successful business practice, attention to detail, and ability to evolve with ever-changing business dynamics, Alsip Pallet is proud to offer quality products & service at competitive prices.

For more information on how we may help you with your shipping needs or next project, please contact us by phone or via our online quote request.

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A Word About the Environment

Many businesses use words like "green" and "eco-friendly" without much action to back it up. Alsip Pallet proudly goes further with our actions!  As an example, unused wood and scrap pallets are processed into useful items such as playground surfacing, garden mulch, and animal bedding.By recycling when possible, we prevent unused wood from entering into landfills. Additionally, we take worn out & broken pallets and remanufacture them to reduce the impact on the environment.

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